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My work is mainly inspired by books on psychology and neuropsychology, surrealist art and life itself with all its processes. 

While creating my images, I don't use computer generated or stock photos, but only my own photos. I always start by making a sketch of the idea, choosing locations, props and lighting. It's rather a long process because often I have to wait for the condition of nature I need when I take the photos outside. It's also crucial to take all the photos in the right perspective to be able afterwards to combine them well in post-production.

In my work I study and connect the themes of scientific progress, melancholy, inner psychological processes often hidden from others and the grave social processes of modernity affecting the very essence of human being. Working with symbols is also an indispensable element in the expression of the ideas, increasing so the sensory perception of the final image and helping to find the true essence of my intention.

The choice of the self-portrait’s form in most of the works is motivated by the desire to show that everyone, because of different circumstances, might find themselves in any role, on any side, in light or in darkness.

I explore life from a metaphysical perspective, which gives me a deeper understanding of the processes, hoping that this approach to self-expression can bring someone else closer to understanding themselves as well as others and the spiritual laws of life. 


- Natalia Serzhanova

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